0.30.0 Release Notes


ImmyAgent is Go!

ImmyBot can now operate independently of your RMM!

Windows 10 Automatic Provisioning Support

Download the PPKG Installer to a flash drive and insert it to bypass the Windows 10 Out-of-box-experience and install our agent automatically!

Easy Install on Existing Computers

Office 365 Auto-Assignment scripts available in Global Repository

This allows you to automatically deploy Office 365 Pro Plus, Business Premium, Visio and Project to people with licenses for those products, regardless of bundling.

Excel Export Deployment Results

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Find generic named computers by person’s first or last name
  • Chocolatey auto-installation works 100% of the time
  • ImmyBot plugin no longer required to be installed in Automate, making new setups a breeze.
  • Deployment options are shown by default when editing an existing Deployment
  • Windows 10 Feature Updates no longer fail and leave computers pending a reboot to apply the update when update completed during the day.
  • Settings->Preferences no longer displays a blank User Preference page
  • Metascript examples and documentation now included in the script editor
  • You can now suppress Follow-Up (Post-Maintenance) Email

Known Issues/Upcoming Features

  • Invoke-ImmyCommand executes sequentially and not in parallel as per pipelining best practice
  • ImmyAgent EXE is not currently signed, causing browser warnings when downloaded. This does not affect automatic install in the SYSTEM context
  • Generate customer specific ImmyBot Agent installer so they can do their own New Computer setups using the ImmyBot Agent instead of your RMM Agent
  • Download PPKG file that installs the CW Automate agent
    • Many people use Automate specific plugins to install Antivirus and haven’t moved this logic to ImmyBot. This will allow you to maintain that functionality while using Windows 10 Autoprovisioning
  • Many more, roadmap coming soon!