0.31.0 Release Notes


Download Customer Specific Agent

Agent download is also available to your customers

This is useful for customers with IT departments who use Immy to setup their own computers: Learn More

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Agent runs PowerShell as 64-bit process instead of 32-bit to be consistent with Automate and Control
  • Deploying software with linked Maintenance Task now applies the Maintenance Task without having to cancel and Deploy again
  • $SoftwareName is now getting passed into user detection scripts.
  • Immy can automatically create an Integration User in Automate with appropriate roles. You can link to Automate by providing Super Admin credentials one time
  • Agents can be installed multiple times (Previously limited to 1)
  • Renamed PPKG Installer to Windows 10 Setup USB in drop-down to make it more obvious
  • Fixed error when linking CW Automate to CW Manage PSA
  • Frontend no longer hangs randomly when connection to Automate is down
  • Offline computers no longer hide their name
  • Wiped computers with fresh Windows installs automatically go into Onboarding (They were being associated to the old computer)
  • Fixed issue preventing Control execution if the Automate agent had ever been reinstalled and the previous computer was retired
  • Fixed issue where Control and Automate script execution would never return (Deadlock in script queue logic)
  • Fixed issue where new computers with only the ImmyAgent weren’t going into Onboarding