0.33.0 Release Notes


New Software

  • Windows 10 2004
  • Office 365 (All editions)
  • Edge Chromium (with configuration)
  • Mimecast for Outlook
  • Mitel Connect
  • Olympus Dictation R7 DM/TM
  • Proofpoint Email Encryption Outlook Plugin
  • Proofpoint Email Feedback Outlook Plugin
  • ScanSnap Home
  • SmartPSS Camera Viewer
  • TechSmith Snagit
  • SpecoTech Multi Client
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere Client
  • TimeClick
  • Veeam Management Agent
  • VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Agent
  • Zoom
  • Zoom Outlook Plugin

New Maintenance Tasks

  • BitLocker Management
  • Configure Edge Chromium
  • Configure Power Options
  • Enable Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox Test Environment

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Domain Join and Computer Rename options are fixed when using the ImmyAgent. Previously we were not waiting for the computer to reboot, often causing false negatives when renaming computers and complete failures when joining the domain
  • Computer names now get updated on re-connect from ImmyAgent
  • Fixed issue where Creating a new Deployment would result in the page hanging even though it saved correctly
  • Prerequisites work as expected. Outlook plugins like Mimecast and ProofPoint now wait for Office to be installed before installing.
  • New instances no longer require Global Admin for initial login. Immy only asks for the individual users’ information.
  • ImmyAgent Windows 10 provisioning packages are no longer created with the highest priority, allowing specific settings to be overridden.
  • ImmyAgent Windows 10 provisioning packages no longer set the Time Zone. Previous it was setting the Time Zone to Central Standard.
  • Maintenance Sessions now pick up multiple Maintenance Tasks. Previously if you had multiple tasks such as setting the Time Zone and setting local administrator password, only the Time Zone would get applied.
  • PowerShell Install Script no longer takes 60+ seconds to generate, previously we were creating a custom EXE which requires time to build and sign on the backend. Now it downloads an MSI and provides parameters.
  • Fixed issue where the Metascript option was missing when creating Install/Update/Uninstall scripts
  • Added UpgradeCode and ProductCode to Software and SoftwareVersion pages respectively and provide $UpgradeCode and $ProductCode variables to Detection and SoftwareAction scripts. These get pre-populated by the Analyzer
  • Uploading an MSI no longer pops-up an annoying “Create Uninstall script” modal, thus creating a custom Uninstall script for that specific MSI version. Instead it links to a generic MSI Uninstall script that uses the $ProductCode variable introduced by the previous feature
  • New ImmyBot instances spin up in 8 minutes instead of 20 minutes