0.34.0 Release Notes


Windows 10 Setup Package Improvements

  • Create a new or specify the default Local Administrator user
  • Configure a Wireless Network, useful for setting up tablets like Microsoft Surface

ConnectWise Control Extension

ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Control have been split and operate as separate RMM. Now customers with only ConnectWise Control can leverage those Agents without having to deploy the ImmyAgent!

Bug Fixes

  • System.FormatException when renaming computer
  • ImmyAgent fails Onboarding with Windows Update enabled
  • FAdding new Automate RMMLink can potentially lock your Automate account
  • Scripts with timeout > 300 seconds would intermittently not receive result
  • Repeated “An exception occurred determine if computer is in deployment: Sequence contains no matching element” errors when running Onboarding/Sessions
  • Unable to copy script text when in Read-Only mode
  • Unable to save scripts
  • Implement PowerShell FilterScript for Computer filtering
  • “Software Table” detection fails on machines with NetBeans 8.2
  • Windows Updates frequently timeout
  • Logs aren’t displayed when expanding Action in Actions page
  • Immy does not test for reboot after applying Windows Updates
  • Cannot read property ‘$v’ of undefined
  • Edit Deployment: Created a Target Filter that applies to any type of Target Type for filtering to Servers/Workstations/Portable Devices
  • Error shown when user doesn’t have access instead of saying “You don’t have access”
  • Windows 7 PS 2.0 BITS transfer doesn’t fail gracefully