0.35.0 Release Notes


Cloud Scripts

Allow Maintenance Tasks and Metascripts to run against a tenant (without a computer selected)

Maintenance Task parameters can be hidden and have default values

You can now make a Maintenance Task called “Install Grammarly Chrome Extension” and embed the extensionid into a hidden Maintenance Task parameter.

This allows you to use the generic Install-ChromeExtension script and not hardcode that value into it.

Apply Windows Patches Maintenance Task

Copy script as New

We made it easier to customize our built-in scripts:

Sync Companies from ConnectWise Manage

Bug Fixes

  • Onboarding ignores Reboot Preference
  • ImmyAgent suppresses output if process exit code is non-zero
  • User Computer Affinity causing popups on users’ desktops
  • CW Control timeouts cause entire session to fail
  • Config Task Parameters Are not passed into install script.
  • Manager is sending “instance ready” emails multiple times
  • RMMLink credentials accessible from non-MSP tenants
  • Unable to update configuration task
  • Allow MSP Admins to change requested Azure permissions
  • Make RunnableScriptEditor Terminal easier to differentiate between runs
  • Add Terms of Use and Privacy Statement to App Registration
  • Show Immy IP addresses in RMMLinks for people who whitelist Automate IPs
  • Users were unable to save changes to Maintenance Tasks
  • User Affinity script and scripts running in the user context no longer cause the following pop-up when using Windows Defender