Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support Single Sign On?

Yes. In fact local logon is not an option. We have deep integration with the Microsoft CSP APIs to facilitate Multi-Tenant management. You can let your client use Immy to manage their own workstations using their existing 365 credentials.

Do I have to deploy an agent?

No. All you need is ConnectWise Automate. If you have ConnectWise Control we use that agent to boost performance.

We also have our own agent built on top of Azure IoT Hub that gives unrivaled performance and will soon support real-time script output streaming for debugging long running scripts.

OK, how do you automatically generate install and uninstall scripts?

We determine what created the installer, and then give the user a script that contains the silent flags the software that created the installer accepts by default. The scripts are meant as a starting point as most of the time you still need to tweak it to pass in a license or additional configuration parameters.

Can I use Immy to remove unwanted software?

Yes. Simply create a rule with the desired state “Not Present”