Desktop management like no other

Getting Started

Login to your instance with your Azure AD credentials

Upon first login, Immy will prompt you to Consent to access the Microsoft Graph API.

The Graph API is used to retrieve a list of people in your organization. This is used for 2 things:

  1. Automatic User/Computer Affinity
  2. Having a list of people that can be added by you as ImmyBot users

We also request a list of your Customers from Microsoft, as well as the list of people in each of those directories.

After consenting, there will be a second level of consent required for User/Computer affinity to work for Hybrid AzureAD environments where users log in with their on-premise credentials. This allows us to retrieve the onPremisesSecurityIdentifier property synced from Azure AD Connect Sync.

Connect ImmyBot to Automate

Create RMM Link

Select ‘CW Automate’ and name your RMMLink.
Fill out provider info.
Verify your credentials.
Once verified you will be able to create the RMM Link.

ImmyBot will create a user with the following permissions.

  • Core
    • Clients.Read
    • Clients.Show All
    • Computers.Show All
    • Locations.Show All
    • Patch Manager.Read

Link Automate clients to ImmyBot tenants.

  1. Link your company to your client in Automate.
  2. Create and link remaining client by clicking ‘Bulk Create Tenants For Unassigned Clients’

Allow users to login to ImmyBot

Map Azure clients to ImmyBot tenants.

Create ImmyBot users from Azure people.

(Optional) Make User an Admin

Note: Admin users can deploy software to larger groups of computers.

Admin users in your MSP can create Multi-tenant, Single-Tenant, and Individual Tenant Deployments.

Non-admin users in your MSP can only deploy to a Single-Tenant (One of your customers at a time)

Admin users that are one of your clients can deploy to their entire tenant

Non-admin users that are one of your clients can only deploy to People and Computers