September 2020 Update

Since July, we have shown ImmyBot to over 60 MSPs from around the world!

Almost all of them walked away overwhelmed. It does more than most people realize! They expected a simple computer setup tool with simple pricing but instead got a product that ties into almost every facet of their business with the promise of features that will perform automation on a level they hadn’t even fathomed.

We want the decision to use ImmyBot to be easy, and the best way to start is with our pricing.


We hate being sold promises just as much as you, so on November 1, 2020 we’re splitting Immy into 2 products with clear pricing based on features it already has:

Price$200/month$200/month + $0.10/agent/month
Windows 10 Out-of-box USB setupYesYes
Global Catalog AccessYesYes
Upload your own softwareYesYes
Single-Sign-On through AzureADYesYes
Deploy from ChocolateyYesYes
Deploy from NiniteYesYes
Sync Customers and People from Azure ADYesYes
Sync Computers from ConnectWise AutomateYesYes
Sync Computers from ConnectWise ControlYesYes
Assign software to Manage Agreements/AdditionsYesYes
Deploy to more than one computer at a timeNoYes
Scheduled DeploymentsNoYes
Scheduled MaintenanceNoYes
User Affinity SyncNoYes

Customers that signed up before September 1st, 2020 will receive all features, current and future, with no per-agent fees for $200/month forever.

Users who sign up before October 1, 2020 will pay $300/month forever.

Users who sign up before November 1, 2020 will pay $400/month forever.

What happens in November?

If you are a current customer, nothing. You keep everything forever.

New customers will be given the option to purchase either ImmyWorkbench or ImmyDeploy.

If you are familiar with the ImmyBot interface, here is what is going to be disabled in ImmyWorkbench:

  • User Affinity Sync
  • Schedules
  • Deploy All


As always, we’d love to hear from you! Join #v-immybot on MSPGeek Slack ( and slide into my DMs: @DarrenDK