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Workstation management like no other

New Computer Setup

Silent Install Flags from Executable

Deploy Software from ConnectWise Agreements


Debug your scripts faster.

When using the ImmyAgent, scripts run instantly.

When linked to ConnectWise Automate, execution is performed through ConnectWise Control to ensure maximum performance.

 Familiar Scripting

Interactive Notifications

Show your customers what you do for them

  • Pre-Maintenance Reminder Email that allows users to postpone maintenance
  • Post-Maintenance Follow-up Email letting the user know maintenance is complete on their computer
  • New Computer Setup email letting users know that their new computer is being provisioned
  • Roll-up summary email for managers to know the state of all their computers.

Make Rules, Stop Forgetting

Available Rules

All machines across all RMMs

Useful when Joe is the only person in the organization that uses a specific piece of software. Assigning the software to Joe ensures it gets installed on the new laptop you just ordered for him.

Pro-Tip: Combine with the “Not Present” desired state to create an exception for particular users that don’t want a piece of software that comes with your Managed Software Stack.

Similar to above, except for groups of people. The group could be a Team, Azure Group, or Security Group synced from Active Directory. Useful for software required for roles at an organization (Engineering, Accounting, etc)

All Servers
Useful for deploying utilities to all servers so your technicians have consistent tools when troubleshooting.

All Workstations and Portable Devices
Useful for deploying free software and/or common dependencies to all machines.

All Portable Devices
Useful for deploying VPN clients and other software that may only be necessary for machines that aren’t always at a consistent location.

Client Servers
Useful for deploying a particular piece of software to all servers at a specific client. This would usually be something specific to the client’s business.

Client Workstations and Portable Devices
Useful for deploying Line of Business applications like ERP clients to every machine for a specific client.

Client Portable Devices
Useful for that client that has an oddball VPN client outside of your normal stack.

Agreement Type
Useful for deploying your managed service stack (Antivirus, Ticket Portal, Productivity Software). If the computer in question belongs to a client that has an agreement of the specified type, this rule will be selected.

Agreement Product
If the computer in question belongs to a client with an agreement that has a specific addition. This is useful if you have software that may be an addition on multiple agreement types.

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