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Immy Workbench

$200/ month

Setup New Computers from USB Drive

Access to Global Repository


Azure AD
ConnectWise Automate
ConnectWise Manage
ConnectWise Control

Immy Deploy

All features of Immy Workbench

Schedule Deployments

User/Computer Affinity

Simultaneous Deployment

*Available by invite to existing customers


$0*/ month

For Advanced Users
Raise the bar for Managed Service Providers!
Help maintain the Community Repository

*Maintain 3 pieces of software or
maintenance tasks.
Must be agreed upon ahead of time.
Code is reviewed and tested prior to acceptance.

All Plans Include

  • RESTful API Access
  • Single Sign On
  • Connectwise Automate Integration
  • Connectwise Manage Integration
  • Microsoft Azure Integration
  • Chocolatey Integration
  • Silent Install Script Generator
  • 1 TB Storage for custom packages
  • Azure CDN for package distribution
  • Library with 200+ Software Packages
  • Client level access
  • Global Branding
  • Per-Client Branding
  • Holiday/Date-based Branding
  • Mobile Friendly Emails
  • Maintenance Roll-up Reports
  • End User Postponable Maintenance
  • Automatic User/Computer affinity tracking
  • Real-Time Deployment tracking
  • North American based support